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CCS V5.2 Linux and Stellaris Launchpad

Posted by Stellarisiti , in Stellaris Launchpad 30 September 2012 · 5,229 views

Attached Image: stellaris_launchpad_ccs5_linux_vid_pid.png

Rickta writes on how he got the Stellaris Launchpad connected to CCS5 under Linux:

I came across this post on the e2e.ti.com forums:


It talks about another TI eval board that seems to have the same USB PID/VID as the Stellaris launchpad.
(1cbe:00fd Luminary Micro Inc.)

So hoping for the best, I created a file named:


and stuffed this into it:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<connection id="Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface" class="31040">
<connectionType Type="LM_ICDI"/>
<property Type="hiddenfield" Value="No" id="dataFileRequired"/>

(/opt/ti) is my installation directory, you might have to change the location if you installed someplace else.

I followed the hints in that e2e post and ended up with a working CCS V5.2 under ubuntu 11.04. I restarted CCS as root and saw that there was a new connection type "Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface" in the General section of the project properties. I had to install and monkey around with the libraries mentioned in the post. Once it stopped complaining about missing libraries, I imported the workbook labs and was able to compile, download and debug on linux. Yay! I probably should add a udev entry so I can run as a regular user.

I'm still very interested in a command line openocd interface to the stellaris launchpad. Until that appears, at least I don't have to run windows or a virtual machine to get a working linux development environment for my Stellaris Launchpad.


Source: CCS V5.2 Linux and Stellaris Launchpad .. interesting find

I guess that...if it could run under linux...maybe could run under MacOS-X, as well?

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